Day 236: Chill Pill

Hello wild ones! I’m back at work today, hooray for me…not.

I picked up my new phone case from the post office today! 

Isn’t it cute! I bought it on Amazon a few weeks ago and it finally came yesterday, however USPS thought the tiny envelope that housed my phone case was too large to fit in my mail box…I seriously do not understand why in the world they couldn’t just shove the dang thing my mail box, but because they couldn’t I have to schlep to the post office this afternoon to pick it up.

I am sore today, every single part of my body is aching. Volleyball last night really kicked my butt, but that being said I still wish we could go play like every single day.

I dyed my hair last night! It went well enough, though looking at the picture I cold have added more purple…oh well. In a couple of weeks it will need to be done again anyway. 
Changed things up the tines bit with my lunches, I shredded my chicken after cooking instead of just cutting it into chunks. Woah, making waved over here, just kidding. Shredded chicken went into my pita pocket much easier, so I’ll probably keep doing that. I also made meatloaf because I’ve been craving the comfort of meatloaf. So good.

Oh, and I just finished the book I started while getting my tire fixed and as soon as I’m done with this post I’m going to start reading the new book I just got in the mail today. USPS didn’t seem to think the book was too large for my mailbox…

Now I gotta wrap this up because my brother needs his wallet and apparently it’s in my purse…night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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