Day 238: Craving Junk Food

Hello wild ones! My work week is nearly over! I’ve only got to get through tonight and tomorrow before I am free again.

Today of course is bill paying day, so I just sat down with my planner and checked off all bills I’m paying today and then lamented over the very small number that is my checking account balance. Goodness I wish I didn’t have so many dang bills.

After making those two planners last week I am tempted to restructure mine a bit…but then I would have to redo the whole thing and I decided if I was going to do that first I wanted to find paper I really liked for my dividers. Which of course would mean a trip to the craft store and that would ultimately end in me spending way to much freaking money on stuff I really don’t need. So for now I guess I will just have to keep what I’ve got and stop thinking about how much better it could be.

It’s amazing how quickly this month has flown by. We’re already at the end of this month and I fell like just yesterday summer started. The next thing I know it’s going to be December already. Sheesh. Speaking of December I really need to start making my Christmas list…ugh. Damn me and my compulsion to get shopping done early.

Just thinking about Christmas makes me feel like it really is just around the corner and I didn’t even get to fully enjoy my summer. I think I may have to remedy that and take a trip to the river this weekend. Or maybe not..

I’m reading at work again tonight, made sure not to let myself get too caught up in the Highland romance so that we wouldn’t have a late posting today or such a pitifully short one. I’m also sitting here debating whether or not I should pop out to get myself some chips that I’m craving to go with my pita pocket I’ll be having for my lunch.

Oh, what the hell, I’m going to get the dang chips! NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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