Day 239: When it Rains…

Hello wild ones! I sincerely hope your day has gone better than mine.

I’ve only been awake for about 3 hours now and already I wish it was time to go home and crawl back into bed. Is there some sort of time machine that I could use to go back to a few hours ago and start this day over? Better yet, could I just rewind to yesterday? Oh gosh, better than that could I just go back and do my whole freaking life over?

To begin my shittacular day my alarm went off for all of two seconds before my phone died. I left my charger at work this morning, but didn’t seriously think my phone would somehow go from the 90% battery I had to 0% in under 12 hours, boy was I wrong. My phone being dead wasn’t actually that big of a deal, I knew where my charger was and it’s not like I have important correspondence to keep up with, so I just threw it into my purse, checked the time, and headed to my bathroom to shower.

Which is of course where I found out that my water had been turned off. At first I just stood there staring at the shower head trying to figure out where the hell my water was, obviously still a little sleepy, and then I asked, “Why? Why do they have to be working on this shit today?” it didn’t occur to me until I asked that question that I didn’t even know if the water bill had been paid. The water bill is the one bill that I don’t pay, it’s Wyatt’s responsibility. Then my mind finally woke all the way up and reminded me that today was in the fact the 26th and if the water bill had not been paid yesterday then they had shut my water off.  After letting out a very loud curse I brushed my teeth as well as I could without water, changed my clothes, and ran out of the house.

From there I had to get to the bank to withdraw money to pay the bill all the while hoping that the off wasn’t closed yet because then I’d really have to pay out the ass. I may have sped a little too. Once I got to the office I then had to get out of my car and actually go in and then wait what I swear felt like FOREVER to pay the damn bill and lat fee. A whopping 115 dollars later I was on my way back home furious because that was my grocery money and I am now broke.

I woke Wyatt up and made him bring me to work after letting him know that our water had been turned off because he forgot to pay the bill, he of course apologized, but at the time I was still too pissed and worried to accept. My anger only mounted when I had to pillage my piggy bank in the kitchen for the grocery money, I’ve been stuffing my small bills into it for a couple of weeks now just to help save money for Vegas. I had 42 dollars in the piggy bank, so on my way to work I stopped at the bank to add it to the $3 that was left in my account.

Thinking the worst of my day was over I came into work and immediately plugged my phone in only for absolutely nothing to happen. For days now I’ve noticed that my charger as to be in just right for the phone to charge, so I just stood there messing with the darn thing and still nothing happened. I seriously cannot afford to buy a new phone, so I tried the charger here at work that I know fits my phone and even that one got me nowhere. Because my stupid ass phone won’t charge I am now going to have to go to the AT&T store in the morning and hope that it is something that I’m just doing wrong. If not I may very well be without a phone for a bit because I refuse to empty the savings account I just opened just to buy a new damn phone.

I used my work phone to let my family members know that in order to reach me they would have to call work and now I’m just sitting here hoping beyond hope that my phone either starts charging magically or that a meteor strikes Earth in my exact location so I don’t have to deal with this crap.

What makes this day so spectacularly shitty is that I had a great morning. On my way home I thought of a cute and great idea for a short story that I was going to get written and share with you guys. My dogs were happy to see me when I got home. Wyatt was awake and we talked for a few minutes. And more importantly my room was at the perfect temperature when I slid into my wonderfully soft sheets and drifted off to dream land. I even had great dreams, it was the makings of a great day and now I have to pick myself up off the ground and try to see the silver lining…still trying to figure out what that could possibly be…I guess I’m still alive and I should be thankful and these are stupid first world problems.

Come on Chels, there are people out there who don’t have running water to be cut off. At least when you get home in the morning you know you have have a hot shower before you crawl back into bed to hide from the world. Be positive.

Bleh, on second thought I am going to allow myself to wallow in my self pity for at least another hour.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend kids! Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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