Day 240: No More Rain

Hello wild ones! My night took a drastic turn yesterday.

My phone was apparently charging the entire time it just wouldn’t turn back on. Shortly before midnight I decided to try one more time to get the darn thing to worry and it turned on and was fully charged! 

Once that happened my night started to look up. I read 2 books, got to leave work early, and my brother paid me back for the water bill mishap. All in all today was a good day. 

We had a going away breakfast for my brother in law because he’s leaving for Odessa for work and we won’t see him for 2 weeks. After breakfast I did my grocery shopping and then came home to put a pot roast in the crock pot. Which I just had a delicious and heaping helping of, boy let me tell you it was good.

My sister just invited me to go out late, so now I’m trying to decide if I want to put real clothes on and go out, but my gut says nah. I kind of just want to chill on the couch and possibly clean out my closet. It’s getting bad in there and it could use a good cleaning. 

My room could also use a good cleaning, I need to for sure sweep and mop. Oh goodness I so don’t want to spend my time cleaning. Bleh.

Maybe I’ll just stay exactly where I am right now in my chair with my feet up and Watson snoozing next to me. Only time will tell.

Alright, I’m gonna say goonight. Night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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