Day 273: What in Tarnations?!

Hello wild ones! Have you ever been reading a book and you come across something that compels you to push the book aside?

I will admit it happens more than I’d like. Sometimes when a character does something I think is ridiculous or there is some plot twist that makes absolutely no sense I have been known to push a book aside. Only ever for a few moments though. Constantly hungry for the rest of the tale, no matter how terrible it is, I forge on. However, there have been a few times when something has happened that makes me want to put a book down and never pick it up again, the rest of the story be dammed.

That particular phenomenon just occurred. I have been reading Rise of the Defender by Kathryn Leveque and for a little while now I have been battling making myself continue to read it although the characters were not that compelling. This is the third book I have read of Kathryn’s and while I did have some issues with the other two I was able to get through them and I guess like them enough to keep reading her material. I guess I just like to study the way someone’s style evolves throughout their work. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned that I’ve read just about every single book written by Susan Andersen and Julie Garwood, and Susan is probably my favorite contemporary author. Reading her first couple of novels though gave me great insight on how she changed over her career. Truthfully, if I had read her first couple of novels first I may not have taken the head first dive into her other works. But because I found one book I really loved I read another, and then another, and then another, and then another, and though all of her works are not the brilliant shining gem my favorite is they are all at the very least good. For that reason I have been trying to not let one bad book sour an entire career.

I’m getting away from the point I was trying to make…sorry. So, back to my outrage. Kathryn just did something in her novel that made me put my phone down (reading on my Kindle App has become an unhealthy obsession someone please pry this damn phone from my hands and give me back a book) and push it as far away from me as I could. I’m not ever particularly happy when anyone makes a character so desirable that every single freaking male in the story wants to get a piece of her, in this case it is making me downright sick. Like who the hell is so wonderful that every person with a penis between their legs is chasing after them with their tongue hanging out?

Our leading lady, Dustin, has been married for months now to a handsome, knight Christopher, and it seems every freaking male around them has become infatuated with her. That makes me roll my eyes, but it is something I can get past. I even kept reading when one such gentlemen who has become smitten with her kisses her in the middle of a tavern. They both are consumed with guilt, blah, blah, blah and Dustin ends up confessing to her husband because she feels so terrible about the situation.

Somehow they get past the scandal, though I have to admit it was kind of brushed off a little too easily. The male, Marcus, is contrite and promises her husband that he would never do anything again and that he knows Dustin loves her husband…now we skip ahead and Marcus has been battling his feelings for the little lady and she is angry at him (blaming him for the loss of her child…she fell down some stairs after speaking to him and consequently has a miscarriage) so he goes into her bed chamber to talk to her about her animosity towards him and ends up raping her.

She is sleeping naked in the bed and while he is trying to wake her he starts stroking her skin and then in a fever they begin making love, now of course in the dark ass chamber she can’t see him, so Kathryn leads us to believe that Dustin thinks he is her husband. So there’s no angry words, rebuttal on her part, or anything other than a fevered roll in the hay.

I put the book down as soon as the rape started because it left a sour taste in my mouth. Marcus has been sworn to protect this lady and has done so without fail for half the damn book. Time after time he has saved her from attack or come to her aid when necessary and in a moment he decides that instead of protecting her he should fall upon her have his wicked way with her. I gave the book the benefit of the doubt and resumed my reading. Only to put the damn thing back down as soon as her husband joins her in bed and she realizes that Marcus is the one she slept with and not her husband. Like hello bitch tell your husband that you just got freaking raped. This is a serious issue, but instead of telling him what happened she lets him dismiss it has her having an erotic dream about him and they go about their business.

After a few moments I picked the book back up again and thought, you know what let’s just finish this shit so we know what happens, but after another few minutes when Dustin and her husband finally reunite their bodies (they were told not to have relations for at least 7 weeks due to her miscarriage) I could not read any further. Marcus has disappeared, and everyone keeps asking where the heck he is, but still Dustin does not tell her husband that he probably ran for fear of his life after raping her.

Ordinarily I would probably pick the damn book back up again and resign myself to finishing because I hate to leave a story undone, but this time I refuse to keep reading. This particular book is 724 pages (in the Kindle App) and I am only on page 407, I cannot make myself read another 300 pages. I cannot and I will not.

Now with only 45 minutes left at work I have to delete the book from my app because I cannot bear to look at the cover of the dumb book and hope I can find something else to read…well actually I guess I should take a break. There’s only a little bit of work left for me to get through and then I’ll be going home. It would probably be a good idea for me to just go to sleep when I get home instead of staying awake to read…oh goodness. However…I know I have to find something to read to shake off this terrible crap. Perhaps I should just grab one of my favs to help me forget this shit. UGH!!

Wishing you a terrific Thursday, your ever faithful book monster. Hey for a change I get to say good morning instead of good night! Morning kids!!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



Day 272: Brats

Hello wild ones! As you know I have been reading up a storm lately and after rolling my eyes at the fit the female character in the current novel I am reading was throwing I thought about what I wanted to say in today’s post.

I’m not a fan of the females are sometimes portrayed in literature. Last week I read a historical romance novel about a female Laird, which if you don’t know if just a leader of a clan back in the days of the highlanders, that may not be entirely accurate, I think maybe they still have Lairds in Scotland. Never the less, this is a woman in a high place of power and yet the novel reduced her to nothing more than a simpering idiot.

Don’t beat me over the head with sentences announcing the woman’s bravery, strength, and intelligence just to reduce her to a childish fool who cares more for playing with children than worrying about the fate of her people. In this particular novel, the woman (called “little warrior” by her father many times) is named Laird when her father is killed in battle. Instead of sticking around to help her people fight, which we are told many times she was quiet capable of doing, she runs for help from other clans. Which, hey makes complete sense, you know you need a larger army, so you go out to find one. What I did not understand was why in the world this “head strong, intelligent, little warrior” would hang around said clan long after it was clear he could not help her immediately.

Instead of just saying, “Cool, I get that you don’t have the people to help me now. So I’m gonna hop on over to the next clan and make some inquires. Thanks for your help.” she stays for MONTHS. Not days. Not weeks. Months. After he makes it clear that because he has already sent soldiers to another clan he could not spare any to help her reclaim her home from her cousin. She instead spends her time with the Laird’s young son, whom she rescues from said cousin, and then becomes the Laird’s mistress. Seriously, I get drooling over a hot, muscular man, who knows his way around the bedroom, I really do, but don’t you think your time would be better spent coming up with a plan to fight your cousin?  She takes the kid fishing for fucks sake, while her people are being murdered, women are being raped, and her home is being torn apart, she is fishing with the Laird’s son. And the only indication that we have that she even cares one iota about the fate of her people are the few pretty speeches she makes about the atrocities being committed against them, but she makes no move to help.

Explain to me how that sounds like a good leader. What I think makes me more angry is the prospect of reading about a female Laird kicking some ass instead of needing to be saved was thrilling, but instead of her being a warrior princess like my girl Xena, she was a simpering fool who fainted one more than one occasion. Xena never fucking fainted. Who the hell faints? And she freaking cries at the drop of a hat about every little thing.

I know that is like the pot calling the kettle black, but dammit all to hell I know to keep my freaking tears to myself. I would just about rather die than let a man see me cry. If I was a freaking Lady Laird not a damn person would even know I had tear ducts.

They make us out to be creatures compelled by our emotions and nothing more. If I let my emotions control everything in my life I would be a homeless, jobless, vagrant. In the current novel I had to set down the female is acting like a spoiled child every 5 seconds. This is not the first novel I have read recently where the female lead acts more like a child than a lady.

Maybe I am just so severe on my own sex. I find myself infuriated with these women on occasion, sometimes for the pure and simple fact that they let their men get away with all sorts of shit. Every single freaking time I read about a man sleeping with someone other than his wife, or even attempting to it just pisses me off that the woman would be okay with that. I swear if I ever walked in on my significant other having his way with a serving wench I would never allow that bastard to touch me again. You can bet your ass I would also never allow a man to hit me for no freaking reason.

I just had a conversation about this very topic at dinner weekend before last because I had just read two different books where the women were treated so terribly, but still fell in love with the men dolling out the punishment. It made me so angry that we had a very spirited talk about the novels and my friends were making fun of me for getting so worked up over a dang book.

I would hope that my female characters are never viewed as a detriment to our sex. Now, I am going to go back to the fit the lady was throwing and hope this terrible brat somehow redeems herself and soon. NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


Day 271: Oh Crackers

Hello wild ones! It’s Tuesday and just like yesterday I’m sitting at my desk at work reading, listening to music, and of course doing the least amount of work possible.

Last night I meant to talk to my night truck pusher, but it slipped my mind…well actually he didn’t hang out in here at all last night and this favor is one I would prefer to ask in person. With any luck he’ll come in here later and I can find out for sure if a vacation is in my near future. If he agrees I may very well put it to take next week off.

Speaking of vacations, Vegas is fast approaching and today a co-worker told me about this site where I can buy tickets for shows ahead of time if I want, so I may very well spend a little time later tonight checking out prices. He also warned me that everything is going to be super expensive…according to him (not saying he is the most reliable source, just relaying the information I was given) his family (there were 3 of them) spent around 150 dollars a day on just food…eating cheap crap that they could get anywhere. Literally said they went to mainly fast food places. That’s a wee bit scary my friends.

Scarier still, I found out today that I starting next month the extra bit of money I get for working for our disposals is going to be taken away. Since the disposals are slowing down they are going to give all the billing responsibilities to someone else. I started panicking as soon as I heard those words. Now I’ve got to be even more grown up and follow the budget that has to get laid out.

Right now I am going over my bills once again, I seriously feel like I do this crap all the time, and see what I can do with my small income. I’m about to lose $800 a month, so it is time to buckle the fuck down. If you have any advice on how to accomplish that please feel free to drop them below. I’m dying for suggestions and guidance.

I keep thinking, “Oh crackers this is going to be hard,” and while that is true I know I will get through it. I always do.

I hope your week is going well thus far kids, night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


Day 270: Caught Up

Hello wild ones! As per usual I was just seriously caught up in a book and looked up at the clock to see that I was running out of time to write and post my daily entry. What else is new right?

I swear that when I started this it was easy enough to remember that everyday I had to write up a post and get it submitted before midnight, not that the year is nearly freaking over I have to constantly remind myself to pay attention to the time. I’ve been considering more and more lately that perhaps I need to come up with some kind of schedule, so that maybe I can get my posts done ahead of time, or at the very least  so I have something specific I want to discuss everyday. Most of the time I feel like I am just going through the motions to get a post written as fast as I possibly can, so I can get back to whatever it was I was doing before I remembered I had to get a post written.

Back at work again tonight and while this is where I would usually insert the word, unfortunately, I don’t feel that way today. Of course I’m still not thrilled to be at work, but it’s not like my job is so taxing that it keeps me from doing precisely what I would be doing if I was at home right now…reading.

I stumbled upon a series of books last night on the Kindle App and I have been tearing through them. I read 2 last night and I’m working on the third right now, soon I’ll be moving onto the last installment. The books I stumbled across are not my usually cup of tea, well actually saying that I guess is kind of a lie…I like my men brooding, just a teensy bit scary, very intense, and super possessive..that being said I don’t usually go for the books where our hero is actually a criminal, but the heroes in these books are just that. Criminals. I also am not a huge fan of first person novels, they make my head kind of hurt, but I think the male characters in these particularly novels are just to juicy to pass up because I roll my eyes at the thought of being able to love someone who killed people just for shits and grins.

Chalk it up to wanting to try new things.

Alright well I’m ready to delve back into the seedy underbelly that is my current obsession. Perhaps tomorrow I will further divulge why I’ve wasted so much time on books that are a little low brow compared to the stuff I usually reach for. NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


Day 269: Chores

Hello wild ones! I hope your weekend went well, mine has been kind of great.

Friday I had a very long night car ride, but Saturday was busy and productive after a fashion.

Saturday I had lunch with my people. After which I came home, washed my sheets, and a couple of loads of other laundry. I dyed my hair purple, which came out great, and then went out into the bar scene to get a little tipsy and have a good time. After getting back home I made sure I scrubbed the goop off my face and then decided to pamper my skin a bit while I waited for sleep to come. 

This was the first face mask I applied, charcoal detoxification crap, after which I did a moisturizing mask before slapping on the toner and my goat’s milk moisturizer. 

Lately I’ve been not so kind to myself, so last night/this morning I wanted to be kind to myself. So after my drunk wore completely off I laid in my bed and read some free books off the Kindle app. 

Today I’ve gone grocery shopping,  made stew, prepped my lunches, and had dinner with my brother. I still have a ton of cap to do. I’ve still got laundry to do, the dogs really needs baths, and the house is a wreck. So it’s not like I get to just to hang out for the rest of the night, but I’m still feeling good. 

Tomorrow I’ve got to go back to work unfortunately, however it will afford me the opportunity to talk to my night truck pusher about his offer to work, so that I could take an actual vacation. If he’s still willing I may very well cash in my vacation time I spend a freaking week on my damn couch. 

For now, I’m going to check out a new movie on Netflix and decide which of my chores I should tackle first…night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!