Day 244: Cursing

Hello wild ones! I hope your hump day was fantastic, mine started a bit rocky, but quickly took a turn for the better.

We had a meeting at work this afternoon that I was informed I needed to attend, so unfortunately I had to wake up an hour early. Bleh. However I stood out in the heat, sweat rolling down my spine to collect on my shirt when my day started getting better.

In the middle of a sentence my boss, well one of them (the one who thinks he runs things, but really is an idiot), said a curse word and thinking back I’m not even sure which one it was, but he immediately turned to me and apologized for using such language in front of me. If you’ve been here for a bit I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve got a foul mouth. I don’t apologize for my fondness of cuss words and I swear I say fuck at least 5 times a day just for the hell of it. But here is a gruff man apologizing for cussing in front of me and I can’t really explain why but that always makes me feel giddy.

I suppose it’s because they obviously think I am a lady or something majestic that needs to be protected from such foul words. You would think that it would insult me, but honestly it makes me feel like a dainty little lady and I am anything but dainty and maybe saying I’m a lady would be stretching it a bit…well maybe more than a bit. It makes me smile and then shake my head a ruefully because I know for a fact I’ve said worse not that long ago.

That ridiculous giddy feeling only multiplied when my actual boss joined the conversation later and said, “I won’t repeat in front of Chelsea what I said coming out of that meeting the other day, because I used some choice words,” dear god my dippy smile got wider and I had to look away from him to keep from laughing.

Another reason it may make me smile like a fool is because my mom’s old boss used to do the same thing all the time. Whenever I helped her in the office or did his filing for him (we worked for the same company while I was going to college and since they were working on the college I attended I frequently hung out in the trailer where they were setup), he would cuss and then apologize to me for saying those words in my presence. During safety meetings if he was particularity pissed he would turn to me and say, “I’m sorry for this Chelsea,” and then turn back to the men to cuss them out. I always nodded to accept his apologies, but I still smiled and fought laughter.

Just another on of those unexpected things that makes me happy. Gentlemen make me smile.

Now I am going to return to my book and work, still basking in the warmth from being protected from nasty cruse words. Have a good night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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