Day 246: Hangman

Hello wild ones! I swear if I had not decided the book I was re-reading wasn’t really worth my concentration just this minute I would probably be late once again in posting. Thank goodness for books.

Today was another rather uneventful day in the life of Chelsea…my younger cousin came to visit me at work earlier and we played hangman. Besides reading, paying my bills, and picking out a birthday card for my brother that’s all I have done.

I am so looking forward to being off tomorrow. I want to sleep late and hang out with the dogs while watching old movies. It’s not that I couldn’t just watch said movies here, but there is something different in just lazing about at work and lazing about at home. Maybe it’s the knowledge that while I’m lazing about in my house I could nap if I wanted. haha.

The only thing I have planned for my days off as of right now is a lunch or dinner Sunday to celebrate my baby brother’s 20th birthday. Gosh, saying that makes me feel ancient…my little baby brother is turning 20. oh man.

This ancient lady is going to go and dig a different book out of my purse and get lost. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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