Day 248: Party Time

Hello wild ones! How was your weekend? I’m at my sister’s house again because my brother is going to have friends over to celebrate his birthday and I didn’t want to be just stuck in my room. 

So I’m curled up in her overstuffed chair writing this post and after I’m going to dive into a book I just found in my entertainment center I had forgotten I had. I also found a book that I’m alms 100% sure I’ve never read. So now I’ve got a new book to look forward to, but I’m going to hold off on reading it until tomorrow night. 

Bleh. This is not exactly how I planned to spend my Sunday night, but I guess it beats cleaning my house right…maybe…

Thankfully my mother cleaned my house for the most part, so all I’ve got to do is sweep and mop…my dogs do need baths too, so I guess I’ll do that as well…bleh. 

I guess I should wrap this up and stop ignoring my mom…night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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