Day 250: Savoring

Hello wild ones! Back at the grind tonight, yay me.

I just finished reading yet another new book and I gotta say, once again, that I wish I didn’t read so dang fast. I started a new book last night and only a few short hours later I had finished it. Same thing again tonight, I cracked the spine on my brand new paperback and all too quickly the magic was ending.

Now I have to be content to re-read the other book that I brought with me for the millionth time and peruse Amazon for my next victim. Oh, the drawl backs of reading.

I should have put my book aside a little earlier and saved the ending for after I had written my blog just to delay gratification a lit bit longer, but I was powerless against the pull to know how it ended. Of course I was not disappointed in the happy ending, but it got me thinking. I’d to read a book where they don’t end up together at the end and not just because one of them dies…I’m not into self torture. But maybe something where they just realize that they don’t really belong together kind of thing…maybe I’m just crazy.

So, I have this plan for tomorrow’s post, a review of sorts. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you like to read about sweaty armpits make sure you check in tomorrow night. I’m sure after that little teaser you are anxiously awaiting tomorrow.

Alright, now that my book has released it’s fierce hold on me I really need to make myself some lunch. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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