Day 257: Boooo

Hello wild ones! I’m back at work today…booooooo. I’d really much rather be at home, but here I am.

My sister came to visit me at work and is currently sitting across from me laughing like a loon over some silly video on facebook. Seriously, could I go home? I need to hurry up and win the lottery at this point because work sucks. Bleh.

I just made plans to go out this weekend with my sister and bestie, so we have that to look forward to. Other than that I’ve got nothing planned.

Finished both of my new books last night, so I have nothing new to read once again…sad day…well actually I have a ton of actual work I need to get done, so it is probably a good thing I don’t have another good book to immerse myself in. On that note, does anyone have any recommendations for books? I’m desperate…I was on Amazon for over an hour last night looking through all the recommendations offered from the website and so far nothing sounds all that promising. I’ve added a couple of them to my wishlist, so I may have a couple of new reads for next week.

Goodness, I need to pee…sorry, but I gots to get back to work because if I don’t I may not finish tonight and I would really like to be done before morning. NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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