Day 265: Obsessions

Hello wild ones! I overslept today and was nearly ate for work, whoops. It was my punishment for staying up to read this morning instead of going to sleep when I should have, but seriously who can resist a new book?

I certainly cannot, which may very well develop into a full blow problem shortly. Last week I mentioned that I downloaded the Kindle app for my phone and at first I just used it to preview some books I was thinking about buying, but that has quickly twisted into a full on obsessive buying. It started innocently enough, one book by someone I had never heard of just to get a taste for some new blood and then another book that was recommended to me, but in the last 24 hours I have bought and downloaded 4 new books to the app.

My goodness, it’s just far too convenient. Not to mention the instant gratification. Oh god the addicting instant gratification of being able to delve straight into a new book instead of having to wait for it to be delivered or heaven forbid having to wait for a chance to visit an actual book store. So not good. But oh so wonderful.

This morning after previewing yet another book by a fav author of mine, Susan Andersen, I bought the ebook and instead of just letting it download while I slept, which would have been the smart thing to do, I started reading it and once I started my greedy eyes would not, could not be pulled away. By the time I finished the book it was well past my normal bed time. I already mentioned that I paid for that greedy behavior, but it also made me think about the fact that I have been feeling kind of fatigued lately. Maybe my body just needs to catch up on sleep.

I sincerely wish I could take a vacation for just a few days. I would love to just be able to lay about at home for more than just the normal amount of days and do whatever I felt like doing. That thought has me seriously considering filling out a vacation request form and submitting it just to see if my boss would sign it and not make me jump through hoops switching days with the other night dispatcher to cover my time off. Alas, I know it would just circle back around to that. He’d call me up and say that if I wanted to take the time off I was going to have to switch days with my counter part rather than getting to take an honest to goodness vacation.

My goodness, I’m sorry to say that I’m ready to wrap up this post just because yet another novel is waiting on my phone and just knowing that it is there waiting for me is driving me crazy. Night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!




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