Day 270: Caught Up

Hello wild ones! As per usual I was just seriously caught up in a book and looked up at the clock to see that I was running out of time to write and post my daily entry. What else is new right?

I swear that when I started this it was easy enough to remember that everyday I had to write up a post and get it submitted before midnight, not that the year is nearly freaking over I have to constantly remind myself to pay attention to the time. I’ve been considering more and more lately that perhaps I need to come up with some kind of schedule, so that maybe I can get my posts done ahead of time, or at the very least  so I have something specific I want to discuss everyday. Most of the time I feel like I am just going through the motions to get a post written as fast as I possibly can, so I can get back to whatever it was I was doing before I remembered I had to get a post written.

Back at work again tonight and while this is where I would usually insert the word, unfortunately, I don’t feel that way today. Of course I’m still not thrilled to be at work, but it’s not like my job is so taxing that it keeps me from doing precisely what I would be doing if I was at home right now…reading.

I stumbled upon a series of books last night on the Kindle App and I have been tearing through them. I read 2 last night and I’m working on the third right now, soon I’ll be moving onto the last installment. The books I stumbled across are not my usually cup of tea, well actually saying that I guess is kind of a lie…I like my men brooding, just a teensy bit scary, very intense, and super possessive..that being said I don’t usually go for the books where our hero is actually a criminal, but the heroes in these books are just that. Criminals. I also am not a huge fan of first person novels, they make my head kind of hurt, but I think the male characters in these particularly novels are just to juicy to pass up because I roll my eyes at the thought of being able to love someone who killed people just for shits and grins.

Chalk it up to wanting to try new things.

Alright well I’m ready to delve back into the seedy underbelly that is my current obsession. Perhaps tomorrow I will further divulge why I’ve wasted so much time on books that are a little low brow compared to the stuff I usually reach for. NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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