Day 271: Oh Crackers

Hello wild ones! It’s Tuesday and just like yesterday I’m sitting at my desk at work reading, listening to music, and of course doing the least amount of work possible.

Last night I meant to talk to my night truck pusher, but it slipped my mind…well actually he didn’t hang out in here at all last night and this favor is one I would prefer to ask in person. With any luck he’ll come in here later and I can find out for sure if a vacation is in my near future. If he agrees I may very well put it to take next week off.

Speaking of vacations, Vegas is fast approaching and today a co-worker told me about this site where I can buy tickets for shows ahead of time if I want, so I may very well spend a little time later tonight checking out prices. He also warned me that everything is going to be super expensive…according to him (not saying he is the most reliable source, just relaying the information I was given) his family (there were 3 of them) spent around 150 dollars a day on just food…eating cheap crap that they could get anywhere. Literally said they went to mainly fast food places. That’s a wee bit scary my friends.

Scarier still, I found out today that I starting next month the extra bit of money I get for working for our disposals is going to be taken away. Since the disposals are slowing down they are going to give all the billing responsibilities to someone else. I started panicking as soon as I heard those words. Now I’ve got to be even more grown up and follow the budget that has to get laid out.

Right now I am going over my bills once again, I seriously feel like I do this crap all the time, and see what I can do with my small income. I’m about to lose $800 a month, so it is time to buckle the fuck down. If you have any advice on how to accomplish that please feel free to drop them below. I’m dying for suggestions and guidance.

I keep thinking, “Oh crackers this is going to be hard,” and while that is true I know I will get through it. I always do.

I hope your week is going well thus far kids, night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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