Day 276: I Suck

Hello wild ones! Please forgive the shot storm that was yesterday’so post. Between trying to get everything ready for my night out with my sister and the other cap that had to be done before dinner I had zero time to write a decent post…mostly because when I should have been showering or perhaps taking a few minutes to give you an actual post I was reading…

I may have a serious addiction. I started a new series, it was 4 books in total, Friday night and Saturday I was on the third installment, so instead of showering or prepping food for cooking I was trying to get to the end of book three.

Do they have a Book Readers Anonymous?  The BRA? Is that a thing? It should be. Hello, my name is Chelsea and I’m addicting to reading. Can we make that a thing? I want meetings and all, so I can talk like a crazed person with like minded crazies who are still coming down from their latest reading adventure. 

Confession, I’ve never done recreational drugs, but I’m assuming the high you get from controlled substances is the same heart punding, breath stealing, ridiculous giddy feeling I get while I wind my way through a good book…I mean even a bad book still gIves me a thrill, maybe just not as intense as a book that sucks me in and leaves me feeling a little wrung out. And as soon as that high passes, my hearts slows back to its normal rate, and my lungs catch up to the demands of my body I launch myself into another story and it starts all over again. 

I guess if I was going to have an addiction at least it’s one that doesn’t threaten my life…well at the moment anyway. I can’t currently forsee a situation where reading could put my life in danger. Maybe if I was walking through a bad neighborhood and instead of paying attention to my surroundings I had my nose stuck in a book causing me to get shanked, but that seems unlikely. I’m a chicken and I tend to stray away from such neighborhoods. Ok, that’s kind of a lie, I don’t live in the best neighborhood, but a bad neighborhood in a small town isn’t the same as a bad neighborhood in the big city. 

So until it kills me I’m going to keep reading…or I guess until my family bands together to hold an intervention because reading is interfering with my everyday life. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen for a good long while…like years and years. 

Alright, I need to get ready to go play volleyball. Night!!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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