Day 277: Craptastic

Hello wild ones! I’m currently sitting in the ER. Last night while playing volleyball I hurt myslef.

While lunging to get a ball my knee made this sickening pop and then it felt like my leg was slipping out from underneath me. It took some very deep breathing to keep myself from vomiting and/or as sing out as I hobbled off the court and tried to keep from crying. 

I’m not a fan of hospitals or doctors in general, but due to the fact that the pain has not receded and I’m terrified I tore my ACL I decided to stop being a baby and deal with my knee. So here I sit, writing my blog, chatting with my sister, trying not to assume the worst while waiting for my x-rays to come back. I’ve already been advised that I’ll probably have to have an MRI and I’m trying valiantly not to freak the heck out. 

I may have a high tolerance for pain, but I’m a total wuss. I guess it’s more I don’t like to be a bother, so if my pain can be managed without it affecting anyone else I try to have a stiff upper lip. Take last night for instance, instead of coming here last night or at the very least leaving Sonic to go home and slap some ice on my knee, I walked around breathing deeply and trying to keep my hysteria under control. I even convinced myself that I was okay and tried to go back in to play, only to limp back off the court 2 seconds later when I tried to lunge for the ball. I just walked around, forcing weight on the leg and chanting incouraging phrases. We were probably there for at least an hour after I initially felt the pop before I finally went home. 

I folded myself into my chair at home, forcing my injured knee into different positions trying to test my range of motion and keep an eye out for swelling. The only reason I’m here now is because I’m terrified that it’s something serioues, which is also the very same reason it took my nearly 24 hours to come to the dam hospital. I don’t want there to be anything wrong. I can’t afford for there to be something wrong. So I told myself to ignore the pain and then realized that was an idiotic plan…ignoring the pain wasn’t going to make it go away and until I know what’s wrong it can’t be fixed. 

As soon as I know what’s going on I’ll let you know, but until then I’ll say goodnight. 

Addition! Why in the world didn’t anyone point out that my dang blog posts were titled incorrectly! Obviously Chelsea can’t freaking count! Whoops. After that little discovery I just renumbered them, but seriously people I need your help to keep my in line! 

Update @ 10:15 pm – I’ve been released back into the wild with crutches, a knee brace, a prescription for ibuprofen, and orders to rest. If I’m still in pain in a couple of days I’m supposed to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI…which makes me a little pissy. I don’t know if it’s just the rinky dink hospital in my tiny town or if this is a thing that happens everywhere, but if I go to the ER and the doctor thinks I may need an MRI why in the hell wouldn’t they just do one? What if I have torn my ACL and now I’ve got to wait 3 days to find out? What kind f crap is that? 

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild! 



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