Day 283: Drowsy 

Hello wild ones! It’s a sleepy Sunday in my house. I don’t know of my body just needs to catch up on sleep or I’m just being lazy, but I could totally go for a nap right about now. 

Currently I’m slouched in my favorite chair. Just returned from grocery shopping and unpacking the bags has taken all the energy I’ve got. I managed to get my kitchen clean, I even swept and mopped which I swear I haven’t done in what feels like months. Still have the rest of the house to clean, but once again my energy level is teetering on red. 

Honestly I’m contemplating a nap, but I’m afraid if I go lay down I won’t wake up until morning and then my sleep schedule will get all messed up. Bleh. 

Maybe after I tear into the Twix that’s on my lap I’ll have a burst of sugar fueled energy that will get me through a few more hours of house work…then again maybe not. We shall see.

Well, that’s it from sleepy town. Go to bed, let me sleep vicariously through you! Night.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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