Day 288: Sweets

Hello wild ones! I hope your week has gone well, mine is coming to a close thankfully.

So yesterday I mentioned that I was reading a book that Southern Born and Read gave a sparkling review to because she is my blogging soul sister and I’m always looking for my next literary fix. My girl Elle did not disappoint.

I gobbled up Layla Frost’s Hyde and Seek as quickly as possible, while still having to deal with work, phone calls, cranky drivers, and my truck pusher watching a football game in my office. It took a bit longer than I originally thought it would, but despite the desperate frustration that I felt every single time I had to put the book down because of an interruption, I made it through the book with a big silly smile on my face.

There are many things I look for in a good book, but I’m a sucker for a book that makes me grin like a loon. Whether it’s from witty banter, obscene jokes, situations so sweet they make my teeth hurt, or just an overload of cuteness. And this book had be grinning from start to finish. I swear my truck pusher thought I was going insane because of the wide smile that was plastered on my face as he watched his football game in my office.  Of course when things started to get a bit steamy between the couple I had to put the book down and do other things because it felt a little gross to be reading a dirty sex scene with my co-worker not 3 feet away…

Despite the fact that I found this book charming I did have a few problems with it, but honestly just personal things and they certainly did not keep me from downloading the next book in the series and devouring it right after finishing the first.

I always have a problem with kidnapping/stalker plots, well not problem per say…maybe I just sometimes find them kind of boring or predictable I guess.

I’m also not a huge fan of making the female lead so desirable that everyone and their damn dog wants a piece of her. I mean I get that she’s a hot little pistol, but I think just about every male character in the book hits on her at one point or another. It feels lazy.

Lastly, it had a slight skeeve (is that how you spell this dang word?) factor. Our leading lady is 20 year old, teetering on 21, college student who has a fledgling baking service and her love interest is 34, fully grown man who owns his own custom shop. Thirty-freaking-four. Now, I would like to be one of those people who spouts age is just a number and hey to each their own, but I can’t help but get a little creeped out by a 14 year age gap.

I’ve already mentioned that these few issues did not keep me from snapping up the other book as soon as I could and honestly I was super disappointed that there’s not already a third installment. I’m dying over here!

So if you are looking for a good read and like smart mouthed, strong leading ladies with a fondness for rock and sweets and masculine, growling men who take charge in EVERY situation please go check out the book and let me know what you think. And if my word is not enough to have you scrambling to get your hands on this book go check out the review that my girl Elle over at Southern Born and Read did on the book. She’s the expert on reviews and hers helped me find a couple of new books that I loved.

Alright wild ones, I’ve got to get back to work…drivers and company reps to deal with. I hope you have an awesome Friday night! NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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