Day 293: Lack of…

Hello wild ones! Hump day is upon us and I would like nothing more than to just be at home.

I was just thinking about how boring my life has become, well I guess boring is a relative term. I don’t find myself bored, however I concede that to the outside observer I probably seem super boring. All I do anymore is read. Which I enjoy immensely, but I was just wishing my life was a mite more interesting or maybe just invigorating. Maybe I’m just craving adventure.

I’ve never thought of myself as adventurous, but lately it’s a word I wish could be used to describe me. The most adventurous thing I’ve done lately was deviate from my usual order at my favorite Chinese restaurant and it wasn’t even to order something new, just another one of my favorites.

I’m stuck in a bit of rut, well I say a bit of a rut, but honestly it feels like my whole life has been on a one lane road to nowhere. M suggested the other day that I’m disappearing too frequently into fantasy. Now, I am starting to fear that she was right. I read to escape the hum drum, mindless, going ons in my life. But now even my escape has become part of my rut.

Everyday in my life is the same. I wake up, get dressed, go to work, read, eat, work, go home, read, sleep, and then just repeat. It’s getting stale, but I don’t know how to break out of my monotonous life. It feels like I’m waiting for something to happen, but I don’t know what exactly I am waiting for.

What is supposed to come next? How much longer am I going to be stuck in this chapter of my life where it seems nothing is happening? Is this going to be the rest of my life? Am I just going to keep going through the motions until it’s all over? Is there something waiting for me on the horizon that is somehow going to help change my life? Or am I just going to be boring for the rest of my life?

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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