Day 294: Mothers

Hello wild ones! I’m feeling a little pissy this evening.

My mother showed up for another surprise visit. Hip-hip-hooray…not. These surprise visits seriously piss me off.

Firstly, how freaking hard is it to pick up the phone and ask if it’s okay for her to come spend the night at my place.

Secondly, it frustrates me to no end that I know she’s going to bitch about my house being dirty and worse tell other people how dirty my house was when she got there.

Thirdly, it makes me feel like a freaking child when she just shows up at my house unannounced. Like I’m not an adult who pays my own damn bills. Makes me feel like I’m living in her house as a guest, so she can just sweep in whenever the hell she wants.

Lastly, and I think maybe this is just the thing that makes my blood boil even more is it makes me feel guilty for getting upset that she doesn’t call. I know she’s my mother and that she loves me and she wants to spend time with us, which is why she just shows up, so it makes me feel bad when I get mad. And I think she knows that too, which is why instead of calling, like I’ve asked a million freaking times, she just shows up at my door with her bags in hand.

Oh and I almost forgot that now when I get home in the morning I’ll have to stay awake until she leaves so I can have my bed all to myself…fuck.

I should be allowed to be pissed and not feel guilty. Right? I am entitled to my feelings.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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