Day 307: No Gifts November

Hello wild ones! I know you are probably sick to death about hearing about my dang hair, but I made a decision today about what I’m going to have done on Saturday…Hopefully by sharing said plan it will make me stick to it and not change my dang mind yet again.

Still going back to brown, but I decided that maybe I’m not ready to be plain again just yet. Maybe I’m just a tad edgy, just a tad though. So, I’m going to have Tabby, the one who will be wielding the hair dye, baylage a soft pastel pink into my locks. Call it easing myself back into the hum drum mousy brown life. No decision has been made about what shade of brown I’ll be going with…so I still have to wrestle with that. I swear I spend too much time thinking about my dang hair.

V, if you’re reading this I hope you made it home safely from the hospital. Just for you I am not going to mention reading at all…okay well maybe just once.

I got contacted about a possible refurbishing job. Someone I know as a mantle made from pallets that she wants redone, so I said I would take a look at it on Sunday. If all goes well I’ll have a new project to share next week and a little bit more money to put in the Vegas fund.

Sheesh, it’s already November, which means it’s time to break out the Christmas list and start trying to figure out who I still need to buy for and what the heck I should get them. Usually giving gifts makes me excited, this year though I find myself blocked like a mother…can’t figure out what to get anyone. I’m hoping that by making my dang list, which I obviously should have done weeks ago, will help me organize my gift giving thoughts and make planning easier. Fingers crossed. Luckily it’s not like I’ve got a big family, so my list is only about 15 people or so long…oh shit that actually sounds like a lot…cracker jacks. Yup, just counted and I have 16 people on my list and I really haven’t gotten anyone anything yet. CRAP!! Last year I did so well! SHIT!

Well at least I know what I’m getting you guys for Christmas…

Anywhooooo…I’m gonna get my ass to work on this dang Christmas crap. NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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