Day 309: Last Days

Hello wild ones! Well I managed to make a few more decisions for Christmas shopping…but I’ve still got a long way to go.

Tomorrow will be the last day I will wake up as a blonde. How weird is that? I kept thinking about that while I washed said blonde hair before coming to work. This is the last time I will wash my blonde hair. This is the last time I will comb through said blonde hair while praying that I don’t break a shit ton of it off. Weird to the max. Also, super exciting. I’m like bouncing around in my chair with excitement over tomorrow’s changes.

Tomorrow is also my Granny’s birthday, so I gotta remember to call her and sing and possibly go with my mom to her house Sunday. Mom’s birthday is coming up too, only 4 more days and the old woman will be hitting 52.

Alright…well…I’m gonna get back on Etsy and Amazon and every other shopping website I can think of to see if I can figure out what the hell to get my people for Christmas. NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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