Day 323: Reader’s Remorse

Hello wild ones!! I’m sorry about yesterday, I was filling in a spread sheet for the boss and lost track of time. Not a good excuse, but it is the truth.

Before I got lost in data entry last night I took a good long look at my reading list from Kindle Unlimited, I’ve “borrowed” 216 books, as of yesterday at 5 pmish, since signing up in October. 216 books! Sheesh. That’s crazy.

I told my brother about my book count and he was baffled, said it would take him 216 years to get through that many books. Of course that was an exaggeration, but our discussion went a bit further before he dropped me off for work. He asked what kind of books I’ve been reading and since he asked me that question I’ve felt a little bad about wasting so much time burying myself in fantasy. He pointed out that if I had been reading some thing educational I would have learned so many new things by now.

That got me thinking which of course is where the guilt comes in. I’ve got this ability to read for hours on end, I rarely get distracted to the point of just quitting and my energy level (which we all know is mostly nonexistent some days) means that I can sit for hours and just immerse myself in the written word. So why haven’t I been reading something that could expand my mind and not just in the way I think about love or sex? I of course pointed out to my brother that I probably wouldn’t have been able to read 216 educational books in so little time, but I could going forward squeeze some into my rotation.

Now I’m going to brainstorm some topics that I’m interested in and start looking for books that will help me expand my horizons from the comfort of my desk chair. Any suggestions?

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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