Day 329: Drama on the Horizon

Hello wild ones! How’s life kids? I hope everything is just peachy, it is for me…well mostly anyway.

I only have a week left before I’ll be flying out to Vegas! Whoop! I still have a few things I have to try and buy before them, namely shoes…the one thing I hate shopping for more than anything. I have large feet and an affinity for comfort and a poorly hidden desire to wear cute shoes. It’s not a good combination. So tonight I’m puttering around on a few websites trying to find something suitable for my time in the Sin City next weekend.

Tomorrow’s post may be a bit challenging for me as well as you. I’ve been contemplating my feelings on a sore subject for a week or so now and despite the fact that my opinion may make me a bit unpopular I’m tired of keeping it to myself…well okay I’ve bitched to M about it a ton and I’m sure my family is tired of hearing about it, but honestly sometimes I feel like I’m not dealing with my emotions or situations in my life unless I clue you guys in.

So prepare yourselves. Ha, I’ve made it seems so ominous that I know tomorrow after you’ve read what I’ve got to say you’re going to think, “Jeeze this dramatic bitch did it again. Reeling me in with all these promises of intrigue and then letting me wriggle from the hook over something so stupid.” At least I don’t disappoint in that fashion.

Alright kids, I’m gonna go shoe shop online and drool over the shoes I want and then settle for the ones I can have. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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