Day 334: Packing

Hello wild ones! I’m just about all packed up for Vegas! The morning we leave I’ll have to pack up my bathroom stuff to make sure I’ve got all the girly shit I think I might need, but other than that my bag is ready to go. 

I am beyond excited!!! The stuff I bought last week came in today and everything fit and is just as cute as it was online, so that was a success. 

I never realized how much I use my right thumb. Since the damn thing started to hurt I’ve noticed that it plays an important part of my daily activities . Pulling my pants on and off, need my dang thumb. Texting on my phone, sends a jolt of pain through my hand. Carrying a freaking cup, super painful. Holding a plate, nearly sent me to tears. It’s ridiculous. Still have no idea how in the world I managed to hurt my stupid thumb, but it still hurts…I’ll never take the use of my fingers from granted again that’s for damn sure. 


Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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