Day 336: Prelude

Hello wild ones! Tomorrow I’m gonna be in Vegas! Can you believe it?! Whoop!

I’m still going crazy with all the stuff I’ve got to get done before we leave for the airport. Gotta hit the bank, shower, shave (which I feel like is going to take FOREVER), go over my suitcase, make sure I have my purse packed, and I would really like to get a couple of hours of sleep before I start to do any of the above.

Tonight I’m going to paint my nails…and possibly take a short snooze, so that I don’t have to sleep in the morning. Not 100% I’m going to get to take a short nap, but I’m telling you that it would make me feel a bit better.

For now I am going to get to let you go. Have a great night kids! NIGHT!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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