Day 337: VEGAS Day 1

Hello wild ones! Well I am off in Las Vegas! 

I’d like to tell you that the journey was great, but I’d be lying. I should have napped thus morning, but I didn’t , so I’ve been dragging ass. I don’t do well with modes of transportation that I don’t control, so I spent the 2.5 hour flight trying not to lose my lunch and embarrass myself. 

Once we landed my stomach, patience, and psyche was testep again by the shuttle driver who brought us to our hotel. I was literally holding on for my life for most of that drive while sweating so profusely I slipped right off my seat when we made it to the hotel. And then we got here and our rooms weren’t really booked. jeeze, today was just the day that would not die. 

But now that I’m tucked into my hole bed with a belly full of delicious beef I’m feeling in a much better mood. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, I’m here for free. I know this,so I’m trying, but cranky Chelsea has not be appeased, so I’m putting that birch to bed and hoping that a calmer, much more appreciative Chelsea joins us in the morning. 
Night kids!!


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