Day 338: Vegas Day 2

Hello wild ones! Well I’d like to tell you today was a better day………and I can because today needed on such a great note that it made up for the carp start.

So in the usual fashion, let’s start with what went wrong…I’m an idiot. Plain and simple, I’m an idiot and it really fucked me today. First I decided I wanted to wear cute  shoes on the strip, HUGE mistake. After like 2 hours of walking around trying to find the entrance to Drag brunch S realized my feet were bleeding. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, my feet were freaking bleeding. My cute shoes shredded the back heels, like blood dripping, skin strip clinging to my shoes, painful ads shit, I’m gonna have huge scabs tomorrow messed up. Straight up fucked my feet. Luckily, we hit up a walgreens, got bandaids, and came back to the room so that I could change shoes and doctor my feet. Unluckily, because of my idiocy we had to run, by which I mean fast walking, back to the brunch spot only to make me look even dumber because I got the days mixed up. Drag Brunch is tomorrow…

So we took a load off and ate lunch because we were tired, cranky, and hungry. 

We ate at Senor frogs, the same location we’ll be hitting up tomorrow for brunch. 

After lunch, we went to the wax museum which was cool as well as disturbing for me. I swear every time I turned around one of those creepy lifeless statues was staring straight into my soul. 

Take Bette Middler here for example, I was just strolling along, turned tout say something to S, and nearly wet myself. Dear sweet baby jesus. After waltzing around the creep factory we got wax hands made, which was cool and left my skin feeling great…also showed me how freaking huge my hand is. Guess I never really never thought about how large my paws are, but they seriously are paws. 

After we came back to the room to allow ourselves some time to relax because we were both beat. We chilled in the room for a bit and then hit the casino floor…now I’m not a gambler, I’d much rather spend my money on something I can hold or of course eat and watching a machine eat my money is not fun. However, when in Vegas.

Lost every penny of the 10 bucks I put in the slot machine…not a big deal. 

Now for the post I’ve part of the day. Dinner was great! Wow, fat girl showing when the highlight of my day is food, but whatever.

I don’t even care that I can hit up San Antonio and find a PF Changs, it was delicious! Great food, great service, and great company. YUM!!!

And then the cherry on my sundae!

This show was soooooooooo amazing. It was funny, sexy (but not gross), cite, and just the greatest. I would suggest this show all day everyday. So great! 

Now I’m laying across my bed trying not to think about how much my body hurts right now or the fact that tomorrow its probably going to be worse. Imma be creaky as hell. 

Successful day in Vegas!!!! Whoop! Now, I’m gonna go take a hot ass shower and hope that helps keep the stuff muscles and achy body at bay. Night kids!!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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