Day 340 (sorta): Hello Texas

Hello wild ones! You may notice that this post was late. I laid down last night to take a little nap after I finally made it home from my trip and slept right through my alarm. It’s currently 1:30 am my time, so I’m late with the post, but you’ll just have to forgive me. 

It was another LOOOOOOOONG day. We had to be up by 5:30 am to make our flight, which didn’t seem like a big deal until we made it to the airport with 2 hours to kill…

During that time we had breakfast, a super unhealty, ooey, goey, breakfast. I got about half of that bad boy down before I had to stop for fear of going into a good coma. 

The return flight was way more pleasant that the first. M and S switched seats with me, so that I was on the aisle, which kind of took care of the claustrophobia. I put my headphones on and turned the music way up to help distract me from the fact that I was flying through the sky in a tuna can. My stomach didn’t rebel to the point that I had to invoke my breathing practices to keep from covering myself and those around me in regergatated cinnamon bun. And even though there was a ton more turbulence this time around I was able to remain calm. The shuttle home wasn’t even bad, so I made it all the way back home without feeling like my insides were becoming my outsides. 

Now I get a full day to rest and I definitely need it. I seriously screwed up my feet with those stupid shoes. My pinky toes look are blistered, swollen, and just yucky looking. The balls of my feet are tender. My heels don’t hurt anymore, but I’ve got to keep an eye on the wounds so they don’t get infected. And my lower body, hips down to the floor, is just ridiculously sore. I’m walking around like a crickety old lady, but I know that by time I go back to work tomorrow night I should be back to what I call normal.

Despite getting off to a rocky start I had a ton of fun in Sin City, probably not the same brand of fun as most people because I drank very little, didn’t go out, out like at all, and had a pregnant companion, but I had my kind of fun. And that’s what matters. I’m not going to measure my experience against other people’s expectations. I know my family expected me to go out partying and gamble the night away, but that’s just not me. 

I’m the girl who went to a Drag Brunch, laughed her as off. Who wanted very much to just hang in the hotel  at times with my bestie. Who wanted to enjoy the city in my own eay, dead sober. Always have your own brand of fun kids. Don’t worry about what other people think you should do, you do you boo. 

Alright, well I’m gonna let you go for now. I’ve got some unpacking to do and laundry to start. Night!

Until later today, stay wonderfully wild!



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