Day 349: More Time

Hello wild ones! I nearly missed post time! While throwing together my potato soup the time on the stove caught my eye. Good grief! Where the heck did my day off go?!

I had dinner with my siblings tonight and afterwards did my grocery shopping, of course I just realized I forgot something, so as soon as I’ve got this posted I’m gonna have to run to Walmart. Hip Hip Hooray…Well first I’ll have to change my shirt because I’m covered in dog drool and hair. Maybe I can convince my brother to go for me. hmmmmmm.

I seriously don’t know where the heck my night went. It’s nearly midnight here, which means I only have about 17 more hours of freedom. Ugh!!! Kill me now.

In those 17 hours I gotta get my laundry done, and to start that lovely chore I should probably finish unpacking my suitcase. Yup, I’m the girl who still has a mostly full suitcase after being for for a week. Maybe I’m trying to pretend I’m about to go away again or, more likely, I’m just a lazy bitch. Either way the dam thing needs to be unpacked and then stored away in the closet. 

I should also probably sweep and mop the house, ugh, I so don’t want to though! Maybe I could just tie rags to the dogs feet and play fetch for and bit. Those little brats are the reason there’s a ton of sand in my house, maybe they should be apart of the solution. Just kidding, Watson would hate it and Lois would probably tear me and the rags all to hell. 


Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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