Day 351: Sickly

Hello wild ones! I’m not feelin so hot today. My chest feels all achy and like it’s full of cotton, my throat feels like I’m swallowing glass, and my stupid ears are filled with fluid. It’s not a good day in Chelsea-ville.

On top of not feeling like crud work sucks. I walked into a huge mess, they had my shift way over extended and apparently didn’t even realize it until I started asking questions. Typical crap. Bleh.

Good grief kids…you’ll notice this post is late. It wasn’t meant to be, when I started it I was well within my time limit, but I had to go out and pick up a driver…and then to make my trip even longer my stupid ass got stuck in the mud. Not really the best thing to be stuck in when you’re wearing sandals…Whoops. Anyway, I’m back now, but it’s 12:30 am, so because I had a late night adventure that was unplanned I was late. Please don’t stone me to death!


Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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