Day 355: Damn Phone

Hello wild ones! I’m sitting at home tonight trying to get my stupid Christmas list in order because tomorrow my brother and I are going to head to town and do our shopping. Not exactly looking forward to the trip, but he and I always have fun together, so I guess it went be that bad. 

I swear my phone has it out for me. I just tried to open the WordPress app to get this post written and my phone mysteriously died…I’ve been listening to music on it for the past hour or so while I made chili and its not beeped once to warn me my battery was low, but it decided to be a dramatic diva and die. It’s currently plugged up in my bedroom and I swear if the damn thing doesn’t turn back on I may just throw it away. Ok, not really, but I will really want to. 

Because my phone is being ridiculous I had to install the app on my tablet and for some reason it doesn’t recognize that I should be capatlized and it’s kind of faulty on the spell check, so if you see more errors than normal in this post blame the tablet. 

Blah. I’m gonna get back to eating my chili. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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