Day 347: Fragile

Hello wild ones! Have you ever had a day that just makes you realize how fragile your life is? I’ve been having one of those days.

A few hours ago I got a phone call from M and I knew immediately that whatever she was about to tell me wasn’t good. The tone that she only busts out for bad news was firmly in place, so I braced myself thinking she had bad news about work (her husband and I work together and some shit has been going down). I was however not prepared for her to tell me that V, my most loyal follower, friend, pseudo-sister, and obviously her daughter was being airlifted to BAMC. All I could do while she explained in a shaky voice that V had been trying to light her bar-b-que pit and was burned, badly, was sit silent, hand over my mouth in shock.

I haven’t gotten an update since that phone call, and while I am not a praying person I figured there might be a few of you in the 50+ followers I have that might be willing to add V to their list. So, if you are one of those praying people please add V to your nightly prayers.

Now of course we get to the sickening part of this tragedy where I make everything about myself. Life is seriously fucking fragile and seriously that shouldn’t be surprising to me, but somehow it sort of is. I spend my time reading about terrible things happening to people in books, but apart from the people I call my family occasionally getting sick I’ve never experienced any kind of real tragedy, not that I want to of course. This incident involving someone I consider family just kind of slapped me in the face in a way that nothing else has. Which is strange to think about because I spend a lot of time musing about death…like I’m one of those people who thinks I’m going to drive off a cliff every single time I get into a car, but obviously that’s never happened and it has lulled me into a false sense of security. Or maybe I just think that if I consider the possibility that I’m risking my life every moment of every day nothing will happen to me. Does any of that make sense? My thoughts are a jumbled mess right now.

Anyway, the reason you’re reading my ramblings is just because I want positive vibes, good thoughts, love, and even prayers sent out for V. She’s family and while I question whether or not I’m a sociopath like every single day, family means something to me. So, take a moment please and send out whatever you can into the universe for my V. Thank you.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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