Purple Hair

Hello wild ones! Working again tonight…bleh.

As I am sure you know by now, if you’ve been here a bit, weird things bother me sometimes. And by bother me I of course mean they start to twist up my insides and make me kind of pissy for no reason at all. Right now I am reading a new book ( I know that’s a huge shock, try to hold in your gasps), and our leading lady died her hair purple. Which is cool, however, she died her hair purple weeks ago and has not mentioned anything about fading or any of the normal shit that comes with having purple hair. As someone who has had purple hair I can tell you that almost as soon as you wash your hair for the first time after the dye job it starts fading. So when this little lady never says anything and then other people start freaking out when they find out her natural hair color I start calling bullshit. Dude, there is no freaking way that her hair stayed so freaking purple that no one noticed that she was a natural blonde after about a month in their care. Come on…

Right…hair dye rant over and back to work and my book. Night.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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