Fickle Fanny

Hello wild ones! I hope your week went well, mine is going well thus far.

V got to come home today! M tells me she’s doing well and is more than happy to be back at home. YAY V!

I’m kind of a fickle person. I change my mind a ton about lots of stuff. I was going through the star ratings I’ve given books on Goodreads last night and I realized that I looking back at those titles I gave high ratings to I was being generous. When I’m coming down from that euphoric high that comes with finishing a book, even the bad ones, I start to think about the things in the book that I didn’t like. I go from being ecstatic about the book to having luke warm feelings fairly quickly. Sometimes I start to question myself about why I even thought I liked the book in the first place. That little tid-bit about yours truly made me realize that when I start doing reviews next year I’m going to have to give myself a few days after reading the book to collect my thoughts before throwing them out there. Unless we wanted to do a comparison of my review written on a book high to the one after I’ve crashed.

Still working on my plans for next year, but tomorrow we’ll go over how I would like for this coming year to go and then just continue from there. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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