Hello wild ones! Alright, still no concrete plans as far as the blog schedule goes. Bleh, still brainstorming at this point.

I did all my laundry last night, so go me. Now I just gotta fold everything and put it all way, I dumped everything out on my bed before leaving this evening so I have to deal with my clothes before hitting bed in the morning.

Almost positive that I’m going to stick with staying up in the mornings, waking up early just doesn’t work for me. When I wake up early I get ready to fast and then I stand around looking at my house because I don’t want to get my work clothes dirty before leaving. Literally stood in my kitchen this evening just staring at the wall for like 10 minutes before leaving for work. In hindsight I could have obviously done something with my time…like clean off my stove or start on the mountain of clean clothes I’d dumped on my bed, but I guess I have this thing about getting too active before I get to work. Weird.

To help tackle the goal of getting my house back in order and keeping it that way I made myself a promise that I would no longer hit the hay if there were dirty dishes in my kitchen. Of course that meant I had to stay up a little longer than originally planned so that I could start a new load of dishes, but hey the sink was empty and it made the kitchen look cleaner when I left this afternoon. So, I guess that’s a win.

In the morning I plan on taking a walk around my crap neighborhood before bed. I’ll have to wait for the sun to come up, which happens around 6:30 am or so because I am not walking around in the ghetto in the freaking dark. I may take Watson with me, though I’m not sure he’ll be up for an hour long walk, but he might be excited to get out of the house and his yard for a bit.

I think that’s just about everything…I’m back at work tonight, so I’m allowing myself to read 2 books and then I’m putting the tablet down to do something semi-productive with my time. Though I’m not sure painting my nails counts…eh, we’ll just count it this one time.  Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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