Hello wild ones! Good grief, this morning did not go exactly as I had hoped. It was waaaaaay too freaking cold to go walking, especially when I realized that don’t own a single pair of full length track pants or even a dang pull over sweater/hoodie. Due to the fact that I didn’t feel like turning into an ice cube or chance giving myself a cold I stayed in and got my laundry sorted, folded, and put away.

To help me stay awake I did a charcoal face mask while reading in bed, I know not exactly the most productive way to spend my morning, but seriously it was cold cut me a damn break. I was successful in my endeavor to make sure there were no dirty dishes in the sink, I had to wash my bowl from work by hand. Managed to chip my nail polish that I had just applied at work, but that was worth it to know that I didn’t let myself slack on my chores.

I’m thinking tomorrow may be a book talk day. Last night I read a book that kind of has me messed up. It’s such a strange feeling to not know whether or not I truly enjoyed a book, but this particular book left me with some questions. Trying to decide if I liked the book or not has really done my freaking head in and then to make matters worse the book I chose for tonight has taken a messed up turn that I just can’t get behind, so I think I’m going to have to abandon ship and maybe row my little life raft to more comforting waters. Oh man, I guess that’s another thing we can talk about tomorrow.

I set up a goal through Goodreads for this year for fun, though I’m sure I’m going to blow through it before the year is half over. My goal is 365 for this year, that’s a book a day, and maybe I should use that a limit rather than a maximum…I held true to my word last night and only read 1 book before painting my nails, started and finished another while painting my nails, and then read a very short one this morning while I was waiting for my face mask to process. Though I guess technically I painted my nails while I read the second book instead of just sitting here while my nails dried. Eh.

The plan was going to be the same for tonight, only read one new book before I made myself move onto working on my planner, but I’m feeling a little cheated by the terrible book I choose, so I may start a new one and just kind of pretend I didn’t already waste a couple of hours on a terrible book.

Alright kids, I’ve got a book to abandon and decisions to make. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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