Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Hello wild ones! The work week is nearly over, thank goodness! Imma give myself a little pat on the back for sticking to my no dishes in the sink policy. This morning I had a few more to do, but it kind of felt good to know that I accomplished something that made sure my house didn’t look like a pig sty before I went to bed. Now if only it wasn’t so damn cold every morning maybe my walking goal would be just as easily slayed, burr. I may need to just go and invest in a hoodie on my way home in the morning.

I owe you some book talk, so let’s get to it. We’ll start with the one that had me all kinds of messed up trying to decide if I liked it or not. Between Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart, goodness honestly I’m still not even sure where to start on this one. I think I can honestly say I liked it, not loved, but liked, so maybe let’s start with the things that I enjoyed and try not to give too much away…

  1. This book made me laugh, like out loud at some of the things our leading characters said to one another. The hero was a snarky bastard, which is always my favorite kind of hero, and our leading lady was just as snappy, so their interactions were a big part of why I liked this book.
  2. It kind of surprised me, I say kind of because after the first big twist I had an inkling about the “big reveal” that proved true. At the 20% mark my jaw nearly hit the floor, that’s how surprised I was by a certain turn of events. I had to go back to Goodreads and re-read the synopsis because I was thoroughly confused, total mind fuck for a minute.
  3. I thought this particular plot was really interesting, I don’t think I’ve really ever read anything like it before. Even though I guessed the main plot twist I still thought Callie did a great job crafting something I had never seen.

Now onto the things I didn’t like, this is where we are going to get into some spoilers because honestly there’s really no way around it, so if you’re going to get pissy about spoilers stop reading here. Otherwise, continue on wild child.

  1. As much as I loved the witty banter between the hero and heroine, I kind of hated her. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it properly, but when she first meets Ronan Fletcher she almost immediately says he’s the kind of man she could fall in love with. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for insta-love stories and all that jazz, but this was completely different. It felt off. They had zero chemistry and she kept telling herself he was being rude to her during her job interview, but honestly he was just conducting a damn interview. And then as much as she tells herself that he pissed her off because he was so cold she still takes his job offer. Her inner dialogue made her feel wishy washy to me, which was just not the kind of woman she was supposed to be.
  2. I hated Ronan. Hated. Here’s a man who lost his wife a year ago and all he’s got left in life are his two children, Connor age 7 and Amie age 5, looking for a nanny to care for his children in their new home for six months. He offers Ophelia the job via mail and then spends all of like a freaking hour talking to her about the house rules, the children, and his expectations. Add that to the 20 minute interview, the pair had spent very little time together before he decides to kill himself and leave his children in her custody. Who in the hell does that?! I don’t care if had done all the research in the world on this woman, what kind of parent leaves his grieving children with a stranger while they have to deal with yet another death of a parent? Ugh. Even if we put aside the fact that he himself had spent very little time with her before entrusting her with his children, the kids themselves literally were in her presence for all of 5 fucking minutes. They were introduced to her and then swept away to spend the evening with their father, that’s it. “Hey kids, meet your new nanny Ophelia. In about 4 hours from now I’m going to commit suicide and leave you her care. Hope you guys get along.” Seriously who in the fuck does that? I’m sure even if he had waited at least a week or more I still would have hated that he killed himself, thus leaving his children orphans, but maybe I would have hated him a touch less. Maybe. Eh, probably not because on top of leaving his kids with a stranger, he ultimately expects his brother, who has never met the damn kids either, to take them after the six month period is over. Ugh. I will admit that one factor of my dislike may very well come from the fact that after meeting him I thought this was going to turn into a single woman falling in love with a single father and living happily ever after. That went up in flames at the 20% mark, so my animosity toward him may have been fanned by that startling surprise.
  3. Our snarky hero was not above reproach either. He kind of annoyed the crap out of me with his crap of wanting to sleep with Ophelia, but promising her that he would keep her from falling in love with him. But then repeatedly doing things that would of course mean she was going to fall in love with his surly ass because there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. He was a great guy, like seriously the best man ever, so I didn’t even get his self-deprecation.
  4. The kids were kind of in the background and in my honest opinion they deserved more. Here are two children, who lost both of their parents in a year, get stuck with a freaking stranger, uprooted from the only home they had known, banished to an island they had never been to before, and then they get stuck on the back burner for Ophelia to have a love affair with their uncle. I think this may be the reason I don’t usually like books with kids in them, I wanted those kids to get a happy ending. They deserved it, but in my opinion what they got was just a fractured family. I wanted way more interaction between the kids and their uncle, we got some, but not nearly enough. They had a bond with Ophelia, but honestly it could have been stronger or more pronounced. Amie is not going to remember her parents in the long run. She’s a five year old when her father kill himself, so she was four when her mother died. I don’t know what your earliest memory is, but I don’t think I can actually remember anything that happened to me before I was like maybe six or seven, of course I don’t have anything as traumatic to remember, but the fact that Amie stays a happy little girl proves that she’s not really retaining these big moments in her life. When she’s a grown woman the only memory of parents she’s going to have are going to be Ophelia and Sully and that poor kid deserves more than they give her. Even Connor, who is seven, is going to start thinking of those two as his parents rather than the ones who died.
  5. There were a few inconsistencies. The one that stuck out the most was Rose. During her interview with Ronan, Ophelia is told that Rose is their aunt who will be there to help take care of the children, which is either a lie or just something that was over looked by editors. Rose lived on the island, the one the kids had never even been to and she was not related to the Fletcher boys. Yet another stranger for those poor kids to get to know. And the other was Hilary, which you may not really be considered an inconsistency, maybe more just someone who got over looked. Anyway, Hilary works for Ronan, alludes that they’ve known each other for years, is familiar with his children and offers his help should Ophelia need anything, but then we never see him again. If I was left with two children I didn’t know I would be scraping up every available person I could find who had ever spent time with them, to pump them for information at the very least.
  6. And now the thing that pissed me off the most about this dang book. The ending. Of course we get an HEA, but it was not satisfying in the slightest. The epilogue shows us that the happy little “family” moves back to New York (where the kids were raised) and yes that family you see in quotations is said in the most caustic tone I can manage. For some fucked up reason these adults thought it was perfectly acceptable for two children to live in an apartment by themselves, while they lived in a two bedroom apartment alone. What the actual fuck?! I’m not even being a dramatic bitch here, the only 3 adults these kids have in their lives live in a completely different space than them. Rose, who does come with them to New York takes a teaching job in the city, she gets the kids up every morning and gets them to school. Ophelia is responsible for picking them up and she takes them home, to their apartment, not hers, and then after the kids are asleep she goes back to her place with Sully. Ummmm…hello. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds crazy? What is even more baffling is that according to Ophelia CPS is totally fine with this completely unorthodox arrangement. The whole thing just makes me mad. And now that I’m talking about it, perhaps this should have been part of my rant above in the number 4 slot. I just want someone to explain to me how two people, who supposedly love these kids enough to agree to raise them after their parent’s death are totally cool with not even living with said children. It just makes it seem like they didn’t really have a connection with the kids at all, they were just two little people they got stuck with and they decided to just kind of brush them off to the side. None of it makes sense to me!!! Once again, those kids are going to consider the two of them their parents and when you factor in Ophelia’s inability to bear children you just expect a deep connection, or at least I did.

Good grief. Now that I’ve said all that I’m back to questioning why I say I liked this book. I still haven’t given it a rating on Goodreads. Ugh. I don’t think I would recommend this book, actually that’s not true. I’m recommending it just because I want someone to tell me that I’m not crazy. That they saw the same things I did and had the same mixed up emotions over this book. So, hey if you’ve got a few free hours go check out this book and then let me know what you thought. I need validation people!!

This was where I was going to do a mini rant on the book that I read last night that had me all kinds of ticked off, but now I’m thinking I’ve ranted enough for one day. Perhaps, I’ll leave it for tomorrow, or just rant in my head until I get over it.

Now I’m gonna slink off and go find a new book to immerse myself in for the remainder of this evening to wash the bad taste the 2 of the books I read last night left in my mouth. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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