Ruined Plans

Hello wild ones! Remember how I told you just days ago that I was not going to give you shit posts anymore? Well, I may very well be breaking that promise already. Let me explain…

Today has not been the best day. Firstly, I was laying in my bed, staring at my window waiting for my alarm to let me know it was time to wake up, except that didn’t happen. After about 10 minutes of just watching the sunlight filter in through my curtains I realized that there was no music playing in my room. That could only mean one freaking thing, my phone was dead. Shit. So I lurched to my side and tried to turn the damn thing on, to no avail, flipped over my tablet to check the time and then had to bound up out of bed because it was already 4:35 pm. I should have already been on my way to work by that time. As quickly as possible I threw clothes on, brushed my teeth, and then rushed into my brother’s room to call work and let them know I was going to be late.

So I waltz into only a minute late (WHOOP!) and then found out tonight was going to be a shit show. Too much work and not enough drivers. Which is not a big deal, I deal with the shit storms at work all the damn time. And I still had big plans for my night, despite the fact that I would probably have a headache before morning.

Not so bad right? Phone being an ass is nothing really new. I wasn’t really late. Work was gonna suck yet again. My big plans for the night would turn everything around. I was gonna run to Wal-Mart, get the paper I needed to print out planner pages, grab a new black nail polish to paint my nails (OBVS), get some jerky to snack on, get subway for my lunch, and then work on my planner all night in between painting my nails.

That marvelous plan got blown to shit real fucking quick when they informed me that an injured driver was going to be learning how to dispatch. Cue me slumping down into my chair and placing my head on the desk. Ugh. So now, I’m stuck with a shadow…he’s currently sitting across the desk from me eating his lunch, which is the only reason I had a few minutes to type this crap out. Bleh. Dear god I can hear him chewing…like I can hear his jaw working and his teeth chomping. Kill me now.

What makes it worse, is I hate to read with other people in the room. It makes me feel super awkward. So now I have to make small talk, pretend I’m not pissy because my night is messed up. Alright, I should probably get back to “teaching” him or at the very least stop ignoring him. Night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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