Ice Cube

Hello wild ones! I hope you had some fun this weekend.

Alright, so it’s Monday, which means we gotta go over the goals I set for myself for this week and then establish new ones. Let’s get right to it.

My first goal was to get a plan made for the blog and while I did sort of come up with a few more ideas, I still don’t have anything set in stone to announce to you. Does that mean I failed to meet this particular goal? Eh, kind of. I didn’t honestly think I was going to figure out where I wanted to go in such a short time, but I did manage to get some serious brain storming done. I should have a schedule of sorts ready for you before this week is out.

Goal number two was to get the house in order. That one I dominated. My house smells great, looks amazing, and I feel better knowing that everything is clean. Whoop! Now I just gotta keep it this way.

Number three on our to do list was to get the garage cleaned out. This is yet another goal I have not accomplished just yet. I’m planning on going out there after I’m done with this blog post to start working on the mess, but I know there is no way I will get it all done before morning. There’s just way too much to do.

My goal to walk twice this week died a quiet death due to the freezing temperatures in my little town.

My sleep schedule goal has been mastered. I decided to stay awake each morning until at least 8 am before hitting the hay and waking up at least an hour before I have to leave for work.

I did not get a full page written in Texas Royalty, but I was just skimming over what I did get written and I’m nearly at a page, so before the night is completely over I may very well get that one checked off my list.

Lastly, I was supposed to get my planner done, but as I mentioned the other day that plan got blown to smithereens by the unwanted companion I had at work. I can’t print the pages at home, no freaking printer, so that will have to wait until the driver gets cleared to go back to work. Just an FYI, I do buy my own paper for the planner, just don’t want you thinking I’m majorly misusing my company resources.

Alright, so on a whole the week wasn’t that successful, but I’m feeling okay about the progress made. Moving on to this week’s goals!

  1. Go freaking walking at least twice. Temperatures are supposed to be back to normal around here this week, so fingers crossed I don’t turn into a giant ice cube.
  2. Pick up the house every morning before I go to bed and sweep every other day. Gotta work to keep this place clean.
  3. Work on the garage.
  4. Get the damn planner done.
  5. Write at least two pages in Texas Royalty.
  6. Post the blog’s schedule by Friday.

I think that should be enough for this week. Now I’m gonna charge on out into the disaster area that is my garage and try to figure out where the hell to start. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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