Rouge Mouse

Hello wild ones! I’m back at work tonight and guess what? The annoying shadow I thought I was going to have tonight is not here!!! Whoop! Had I known that ahead of time I would have brought my planner supplies and got my butt in gear.

My throat is a little scratchy today. Not exactly sure why, but I’m seriously hoping that it’s not a cold coming on because I do not want to be sick. Fingers crossed I just breathed in too much cold air while asleep today.

I got a tiny bit of work done in the garage last night, nothing to really brag about. And the reason I only got a little bit done was a discovered a new author through reading a compilation series thing and I’ve been gobbling up everything I can get my greedy eyes on. Since running across Roxie Noir I have devoured 3 of her books and I am currently working on the fourth…sooooooo yea not really that upset that I didn’t get to work on my planner tonight.

This laptops mouse is acting a damn fool. It keeps wandering all over the damn place and randonmly clicking on shit. Bleh. I better wrap this up before I lost it all. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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