Hello wild ones! It’s finally Friday, so I only have to get through the rest of my work night and I’m a free woman. Of course the only big plan I have for my weekend is getting my garage cleaned out, but it’s something.

Work should be relatively easy for once this week, I’ve got plenty of drivers and tons of water to get pulled.

So my little rant yesterday didn’t exactly end once I was finished with my blog post. My sister came to visit me at work and I spent about 30 minutes telling her about the dumb book. She laughed at me, shook her head some, and then told me it sounded like I was reading some seriously fucked up shit. Yea, not joke D.

I trolled around on Goodreads for a very long time last night, sifting through lists, trying to find something to whisk me away for the night. Eh, I settled for reading a book by Aubrey Irons, her books are a bit predictable, but I knew that at least I would enjoy it and I could submerse myself for a bit. I’m trolling again for something to read tonight while snacking on some beef jerky that I stopped to get on my way to work. I had the munchies, so I stopped earlier and got some goodies.

I think that’s about it for the night kids. Night!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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