Strong Signal

Hello wild ones!

I hope it’s been a lovely hump day for you, Lois and I are currently curled up on my bed with a bad of tangerine cotton candy in between us while I get this review written. She keeps trying to steal off with the package, so I’m having to watch her. Dog owner problems…

Okay, so let’s get the show on the road shall we. -Spoilers ahead-

Oh also, full discretion, this is a M/M book, so if hearing about love between two men is going to make you squeamish please hit the road Jack.

Strong Signal (Cyberlove, #1)

First things first, this book is a total 5 star read for me. I’m kinda stingy with my stars on Goodreads, but this book really just hit it out the park for me. It made me laugh, feel all gooey inside, I got a bit giddy at points, but it still had some major steam as well as just enough angst to pull at my heart strings without making me weep like a damn child.

I reread this book today, so I could go back and take some notes on the parts that made me smile the most, while listening to a  station titled “Love Songs,” which was super appropriate because I LOVE this book.

A chance encounter in a fantasy world on FOW (online RPG) brings two antisocial butterflies together. And let me tell you that we get some magic from these two.

Garrett, an army mechanic stationed over seas, just wants to get online to escape the monotony of his days spent in the desert while counting down the days until his tour is officially over.  He comes across an orc killing baddies in his usual cavern and is pissed that someone else is stealing his kills. A few arrows and couple of cuss words later he’s put down by a the dancing green giant, Samwise, and a winky face launches his quest for vengeance.

A message popped through from Samwise-a single wink emoticon. What. The. Fuck

That dancing Orc is none other than Kai, a twitch streamer sitting in his room a thousand miles away playing while his adoring fans watch and cheer him on. Garrett sends a little message of his own after discovering the enchanting Kai’s channel and then stays in his stream watching while the blue eyed beauty kills zombies.

After seeing Hazzard, Garrett’s handle, squatting in his chat all night Kai does a little digging of his own and discovers that the archer he put down in the caves is a military man on deployment.

We get a glimpse into Kai’s somewhat troubled mind when he starts worrying that Garrett is going to take it a step further and actually hunt him down, prompting this little nugget.

In my script like scrawl, I wrote, if you find my body ask Hazzard.


I’m sure that doesn’t seem like the best foundation for a relationship, but let me tell you that these two come together so perfectly it makes me want to dance around in my room.

Honestly, Kai and Garrett make this book amazing.

We’ve got Garrett, the mechanic who has a permascowl on his face, antisocial to the max, but is seriously just a big cuddly teddy bear. He’s super protective of his family and of course Kai, sweet, understanding, and I’m convinced he’s got to be a unicorn because the boy is a delicious level of dirty that makes him the perfect man.

And then we have Kai, our little red panda who has debilitating social anxiety, but lives for his online following. He’s just a sweet little morsel who loves that Garrett will not hesitate to go Rambo on anyone he feels is the least bit threatening toward him. Also burns up the sheets under his army boyfriend. I really admired him because despite the fact that being in public made him literally have panic attacks he makes several efforts just for Garrett. First we get him braving a mall to put together a care package, a grocery store to take Garrett shopping, and then finally a car moving across state lines. Ugh, he was just amazing.

They were just perfection together. Ugh, I loved them. Makes me sick.

If you’re looking for a sweet read capable of making your teeth hurt while still burning up your Kindle and making your heart soar please go check out this book. Reading it again today just strengthened my love and now as soon as I put this damn laptop away I’m going to delve back into the second book in this series.

Five stars. All the damn stars!!!

If you have a book you’d like me to check out please don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comments section below. Also, critiques and questions are welcome and encouraged.

I think that’s it…though I could probably go back and detail out the entire darn book for you I don’t wanna do that. This gem is too great for anyone to pass up on, so I don’t want to ruin it completely.

Night kids!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!



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