Adventures in Dallas

Hello wild ones!

Ugh, I’ve had a looooong day. After getting off work this morning at 5 am, I went home, made sure my bag was packed, slept for about 4 hours, and the hit the road with TJ. 

Good grief, it felt like the longest car ride of my entire life. I swear we hit every single patch of traffic north of Pleasanton. 

Though the journey was frustrating, long, tiresome, and headache endusing, we made it here safely. And M and LB greeted us with delicious chinese, two long island ice teas (for me, TJ is a minor), and a bucket of laughs. I think I was in tears towards the end of dinner before staggering back to LB’S apartment. 

Currently I’m safely tucked into my air matress, hoping that as soon as I put this phone down I crash for a good solid 8 hours. We have to be up super early to head to Hugo, OK to visit the elephant scantuary. Keep a look out on Instagram for photos of tomorrow, otherwise you won’t get to see the fun until Monday. 

Ok kids, I gotta get some sleep. Have a great weekend! NIGHT!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



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