Hodge Podge

Hello wild ones! Woah, this week kind flew by. Tonight is my last night at work, so I am ready to blow out of this place and enjoy my days off.

Not a ton going on this weekend. I need to get my garage cleaned, deep clean the house, try not to spend all my damn time reading, and come up with a way to create a goal section in my planner.

I went to Wal-Mart before work today. I only went in to grab something for lunch and ended up taking a detour down the stationary aisle…big mistake. They had some new file folders that I fell in love with, so tonight while work is trudging on I’m making stuff for my planner once again.

Feel kind silly for remaking all this stuff I literally just finished a few weeks ago, but maybe this is one way to keep me actually using the planner.

Here are the really cute file folders that I just could not pass up. They came in a pack of 6, for like $1.50, so I guess I told myself that was a bargain and grabbed 1 pack of each.


Following some tutorials I found on YouTube forever ago I turned those pretty little folders into a new front & back cover, as well as a dashboard (for my sticky notes), a double sided folder, and an envelope to store important size guide lines for this planner.


If you’re looking for cool, affordable ideas to take your planner game up a notch go check out Coupons to provide, she’s amazing. I’ve been watching her planner videos and creating my own playlist for the things I want to try.

Okay, enough about the boring planner stuff. I just realized that I still haven’t really told you about my elephant adventure, which is strange because I’ve been gushing about it to any idiot who would listen since I got home.

I learned so freaking much and I’m one of those people who likes to spread the knowledge, so I’ve been spouting every single elephant fact they gave. Seriously, my family probably wants to punch me in the face.

We left Dallas before the sun rose and drove 2.5 hours further across Texas to get to Hugo, Ok and the Endangered Ark Foundation. Nearly hit a deer and totaled my new car, not even exaggerating, scared the crap out of me. Met a baby elephant, look how cute she is!!!


Got up close and personal with 2 other beautiful ladies, who were only interested in me because I had a banana in my hand and got soaking wet. In the middle of our introduction to the elephant spa it started spitting rain, that light spit turned into a full on downpour while they tried to shuffle us back to the feeding zone.

Before the tour started…while we were still dry. 

Even though we got really wet and a little cold it was an amazing experience. And the people who run the tours felt so bad about ours getting cut short due to the bad weather that they offered us a rain check, so I get to go back for FREE! Which I am beyond excited about. We’ve got tentative plans to return in October and I think I’m going to try and convince LB to take us to the wildlife rescue she visited last year. The bitch got to hold a fucking bear cub! Hello!! Sign me up for that shit.

Right, well I think that’s about all I’ve got for today. I’ll be posting pictures of the mess that is my garage this weekend on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me there. Check me out on Goodreads to see what I’m reading and have a great weekend!!

Night kids!

Until next time, stay wonderfully wild!



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