Made it!

Hello wild ones! Whew, I fell asleep ealier and just jerked awake because I hadn’t posted Mt blog yet. Did not want another repeat of last week.  
Alright, so not a ton going on this week. I’m still trying to get my house in order…

I didn’t realize how dirty my room was until I started cleaning it…this little cleaning stint began in my closet, which honestly isn’t that bad. 

Here’s the left side…

the right side…

And the view full on. I’m sure there’s women out there, men too, who would kill me for having all this space and only need like 40% of it for my clothes, my own family members included. I just don’t have that many clothes, so the majority of my closet becomes storage for stuff that I can’t just have laying around in my room. 

I’m purging and reorganizing my entire room/bathroom. This deal cleaning thing occurred because I really want to get the garage sorted, but some of the stuff out there is going to need a new home and I’ve got lots of underutilized space throughout the house. So now I’m going through my room, my bathroom, the hall closet, living room, and kitchen to get rid of the crap I don’t need. 

This will help in the long run if I do end up having to move at the end of this month, less clutter means less to pack away. I’m nearly done with my room as of right now, I just gotta go through my dresser and then I can move on the the hall closet, which should take no time at all, and then I can start pulling boxes in from the living room and going through them. I’ll post pictures after I’m done in my room hopefully tomorrow on Instagram. 

Okay, so obviously this week’s goal is just to get the house in better shape. I bought some supplies today that should help me get that accomplished. Dear sweet jesus, mommy bloggers on YouTube have some great ideas. I’ve spent the time in between cleaning boughts, you know when I need a breather and I’m too sweaty to continue, watching these women clean their homes, cars, and other crap. If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas, go search YouTube,  or maybe don’t. It might send you on a cleaning craze…

This week’s book is going to be the second in the series I featured last week. 

Sorry, I’m posting from my phone and the damn thing wouldn’t let me just copy and paste the blurb…

Come back Wednesday to see what I though and to find out what I’ll be reading next. 

Also, go follow me on Instagram so you can see the mess that my life was and how I got it sorted, you can find me there as @chroniclesofacrazydame. And don’t do get to check out my Goodreads profile for any other reviews and to see what else I’m reading. 

Night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!


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