Worry Wart

Hello wild ones! I hope your week went well. My work week is just about over, but I still have a ton of work to do at home.

Bleh, I would love to tell you that I managed to get my house cleaned on my last set of days off, but I would be lying. I got some of it clean, my bedroom and bathroom for example. The rest of the house however is kind of a mess, but that’s because I was trying to sort out the garage at the same time and that created more mess inside the house while I try to find new homes for the crap I’ve got stored away in the garage. I know I will get everything done on this set of days off though, there is no other choice!!! I need my house to back in order.

I’m at work tonight and I was reading until I looked up at the clock and realized that it was nearly 11 pm and I had not written a blog to post today. Whoops. After I’m done here I plan on finishing the book I’m reading and then I’m gonna paint my nails. I know…work must be so hard for me…I’m just sort of lucky that tonight all of my drivers are stuck out on locations, so I don’t actually have to dispatch anyone.

Yesterday evening I was a ball of stress guys. A living, quivering, ball of stress. So, I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that instead of having to move out of my current residence, I rent a 2 bedroom duplex, my mom is going to move into my brother’s room and start paying half the bills. That alone should make me ecstatic, I won’t be paying all the bills myself any more, but I started worrying last night while I was totaling up my bills for this month. Now, I make a pretty decent chunk of change where I work and my mom makes a bit more than I do, but she has way more going out than I do. So I’m starting to worry about whether or not this whole moving in together is actually a good idea. I’m worried about her finances, just as much, if not more so than my own. That’s not what I wanted. I don’t want more worry. I want less. I wanna just worry about myself and my dog for once in my damn life, but I can’t make myself pretend that her expenses and finances don’t kind of affect my own.

I’ve got goals. I wanna start saving more money. I want to pay off my debts and make my credit better. And my mom is worried about having cable…I don’t even watch freaking TV! She hasn’t even moved in yet and I am worried. Ugh, is this what it’s like to live with roommates?

Okay, well I think that’s about it for now…no big plans for the weekend except getting my house back in order. Follow me on Instagram to see my progress and don’t forget to drop into Goodreads to see what I’m reading.

Night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



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