Hello wild ones! I’m running late again this week, but at least its only an hour and not several hours…my sleep schedule kinda got messed up today and my body is pissed. 

Initially I was just going to stay awake until around 1-2 pm. I needed to go pick up Edith’s license plates from the dealership and I wanted to have lunch with M because I haven’t seen her in about a week. Direct Tv threw a wrench in my plans by turning up at 10:45 am, 15 minutes before I was meant to meet M for lunch, and it took over an hour for them to install everything. We didn’t get to leave town to head to SA until nearly 1 pm and by then I was starting to sag. Didn’t get back from picking up my plates until 4 pm ish and then of course my mom started calling and bothering me because that’s my normal wake up time. 

Needless to say the nap I planned on taking got pushed back and then interrupted by the guy who came to cut my grass and then i passed out again. Woke up at 12:45 am and realized I had missed my midnight deadline. Fudge nuggets. 

Now, I’m posting this late and then I guess I’m gonna make myself go work on getting the kitchen back in working order. It currently looks like we just moved in because it became the unofficial dumping ground from the random crap I found in the garage. 

Goals for this week:

  • Make some actual progress on the garage. Up to this point I’ve just sorted through some of the stuff out there and kind of moved things around. 
  • Finish my house deep clean. My room is sort of done, except I have 2 bags of stuff that need to be dropped off at the donation station and a couple of boxes that need new homes. 

Alright kids, I think that’s about it for Monday check in. See ya later!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



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