Maroon or Gray?

Hello wild ones! Well another week has come and gone. I’m sitting at work trying to decide if I want to paint my nails tonight. It’s the hard choices in life kids.

I don’t have anything planned for this weekend, other than crying because I have to leave my house to work. Bleh. Though it will give me plenty of time to get a list together for next week. I’m going to the beach next weekend and before we leave Friday I want to have my house back in order and all my crap sorted.

My bad luck with books struck again last night. I bought a book, it was on 99 cents, with an interesting premise, only to be severely disappointed. I swear I put the damn book down like 10 different times only to pick it back up again because I was not about to not finish a book I paid for. Ugh. Luckily, the books gods decided to take pity on me and I stumbled across a much better book shortly after.

I think that’s it kids…like I said, nothing really going on in the life of me.


Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



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