Coloring Night

Hello wild ones! Hopefully you got to do something fun this weekend before returning to the grind this week. 

So, this week we actually have some stuff going on. Yay for not being completely boring! I’m heading to the beach on Friday for an over nivhter with my sister and brother in law, so we have that to look forward to. Ill be making a trip to Sam’s on Thursday to prepare, gotta buy sunblock in a 5 gallon bucket. 

I got to visit with my best friend from high school today, along with her adorable 15 month old son. Can’t even remember the last time I’ve been around a kid that young. Other than the fact that there was a tiny person running about it was like we had gone back in time and settled back into our old ways. It was truly amazing. 

As you may know if you’ve been here a while, I’m kind of a loner. I’ve got like 1.5 friends and not really in the marmot for more, but after taking a trip down memory lane 2 weeks ago I started missing what I used to have. I used to be this outgoing, young woman who could and would make friends with anyone. Now I’m like the cranky old man who yells at kids to stay off his lawn. I’m not saying I don’t like who I am now, but a part of me wishes I could just go back to being that girl who didn’t seem to be afraid of going out in the world. 

Anyway, I found something cool at Walmart earlier that in dying to break open, so this one is gonna be a shorty. 

My goal for this week is to get this fucking house clean, for real. I need to finish my deep clean and get everything back in order. Another goal is to not eat junk food any more than twice this week and to go walking at least once. 

I’ll post updates on InstaGram and possibly snap chat…Cassilee made me download it. Have a great night kids!

Until later, stay wonderfully wild!



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