Beau Meets Beast

Hello wild ones and welcome to another Hump Day Book Review! Hopefully your week is going well thus far. I got some startling news today that turned into planning a little trip to see C&C up in Bastrop soon, so I guess that’s good. Other than that I’m just chillin at home until it’s time to go back to work on Saturday. Tonight as soon as I’m done with this post I’m gonna get back to work on my car’s sunshade because I still haven’t finished that bitch and I need to get it done and in the dang car.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that little update out of the way, let’s move on to the reason you’re here, Hump Day Book Review of Beau and the Beast by Kay Simone

If it’s not obvious by the title this book is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a tiny bit of gender bending, which I was all about.

Beau is a boy unlike any other. When we first meet him he’s crying and upset because of a fairy tale his father was telling him in which the “monster” is killed. The little interlude really sets the tone for the rest of the book because Beau didn’t understand why the monster was being punished for being a monster, it couldn’t help the way it was born. Oh man, I already had some tingles.

Alright, so it fast forwards to present day Beau, who is toiling away at a newspaper to make enough money to support his disabled brother, Noah, and himself. These two boys are kind of lost in the world without each other. Noah stumbles across a video of a large beast in the hallway of a prestigious building in their fair city, he’s been spying on people forever. He has the genius idea to blackmail the owner of the penthouse and Beau volunteers to go to the meet up because he doesn’t want his brother in any more trouble than he’s already been in. Little do they know that the occupants of that penthouse have set a trap of their own to scare the would be blackmailer off, so poor Beau ends up captured.

During a short interrogation of their captive the occupants discover that Beau is a journalist and come up with a scheme to get them out of the mess their boss has trapped them in.

Wolfram and his close staff had a curse set upon them by a pissed off witch nearly 10 years ago, which they have been unable to undo. Unlike it’s older counterpart, only Wolfram has been transformed in this curse, he’s been turned into a beast, while his staff simply cannot leave the penthouse or they will die. Deep shit people. The staff is convinced that if they could get a book written about their boss and his situation out to the public that it would break the curse, so they offer Beau an obscene (I’m talking ridiculously obscene) amount of money to stay with them for a month and write his bio.

Beau meets Beast.  Of course Wolfram is bracing himself for hysterics, even his staff has a hard time looking at him, but Beau takes his beastly appearance all in stride. Guys, Beau is seriously special. He not only befriends Wolfram, but makes him and his staff interact way more than they have in the 9 years they been stuck together. Unlike his staff, Wolfram has not only been cutoff from the physical outside world, but from his staff as well because he knows that his appearance makes them uncomfortable. Ha, Beau blows that shit straight out the water by making them all have dinner together. He’s seriously a breath of fresh air in their dreary little world.

Now, everything is not all sunshine and lollipops. Noah along with his Beau’s ex boyfriend, Lincoln, have become suspicious of Beau’s job offer and subsequent disappearance. And those two complete opposites get their own little side story where they try to put their heads together to figure out what really happened to Beau and where he’s gone.

All the while Beau is falling in love with his Beast and the Beast is falling in love with him. Which of course results in some beastiality-esque sex, Wolfram may be a man at heart, but that’s about the only part of him that is still “human.”

Beau finishes his book, nothing happens. No surprise there folks, if you’ve seen any other form of this classic fairy tale you know the curse is only broken through love, and that love has to be verbalized.

One thing I really loved about this retelling is that there’s not really a villain, other than the bitch who cursed them. There’s no Gaston in this version, early on I thought that Lincoln, the ex, was going to be a giant douche nozzle like Gaston, but he turns out to be this amazing guy. Spoiler, he falls in love with Noah, who is seriously disfigured and disabled from an accident that killed both of their parents. The two could not be more opposite, but fall in love while trying to “rescue” Beau.

Alright, so the end. Oh man, so Lincoln and Noah come up with a harebrained plan to just bust into the penthouse and demand the release of Beau, of course that goes belly up when he see’s Wolfram and starts attacking, which causes Wolfram to attack. Shots are fired and then poor Wolfram is bleeding out on the floor while an inconsolable Beau confesses his love. Cue the fairy god mother magic music.

Here’s another area where this book deviates from the norm, Wolfram doesn’t turn back into a man! He stays a beast. Kay is a genius. Instead of making him turn back into a normal man, he stays a beast which of course makes Beau push harder from the non-normal people of the world to be accepted into society. Our epilogue is Beau doing an interview for his second book (the one he wrote about Wolfram being his first) in which he tells the story of every non-human person he has met since the publishing of his first novel. It’s seriously cool kids. He makes a place in the world for all of those who had no place before. How amazing is that? I think that right there is the thing I loved most about this book.

Beau is working toward changing the world. It’s beautiful. Which earns this book 4 bright shiny Hump Day stars.

Alright, so for next week….ugh…Oh, I think I’ve got one!

Slow Burn

Detective Douglas Brody has only ever known the life of a cop. Raised strict but fair by his police chief father, he joined the academy right out of school, climbed the ranks hard and fast, and now works homicide for the City of Charleston. The job is his entire life. For years it’s kept him happy enough to minimize the side of him that craves what he believes is wrong. An accident on the job puts him on medical leave and everything in Brody’s world changes. He has to prove himself once more to be best cop in the department, all while dealing with Zack – his persistent, sexy, and out of the closet physical therapist.

Zack is tan skin, big grins, floppy hair and tackles his job with the same full-blown enthusiasm he does everything else. When the “patient from hell” is thrown his way by another PT who can’t handle him, Zack is committed to achieving the impossible. His new patient is a head strong and hot as hell homicide detective, who oozes as much resentment as he does sex appeal. Any involvement with a patient, especially a man who is so deep in the closet he can’t see light, is something Zack swore he’d never do. But Brody slowly proves too much to resist…

Okay, so come back next week for the Hump Day Review of Slow Burn by Sam B. Morgan.

Now Imma go finish coloring my sunshade. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see my progress. Check out Goodreads to see what else I’m reading this week. And go find me on Snapchat @crazydame90 to see the goofy shit I post on their. Night kids!

Until later, say wonderfully wild!



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